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Gulf Fritillary

Gulf Fritillary Agraulis incarnata, #4413, is a warm climate long-winged Fritillary found in our area.  The Fritillary’s host plant is the Passion Flower Vine which is necessary for its caterpillars to eat.  On the top side it is bright red-orange with black markings.  It is a nice butterfly to have in the pollinator garden.  The underside of the wings are very different from the top side with beautiful silvery white spots across the underside.  Note:  After molecular studies, there has been a name change for this butterfly from Agraulis vanillae to Agraulis incarnata.  Many references previously printed may still have the older name.   After the molecular studies, it was determined that Agraulis vanillae is the correct name for the Fritillary in South America.

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