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About Miss Fran's Teaching Garden

The Harvest

Tool Elementary is a school that has been awarded numerous times in recognition of the advances and progress the teaching staff has achieved each year. A Teaching Garden fulfills a dream many have had for the students to experience planting, nurturing and harvesting fresh foods. 


Many studies show that school gardens provide a context to teach students to be advocates for themselves, their communities, and the earth. By cultivating a connection with nature, gardens foster a sense of environmental stewardship. By providing an environment for conversations about the food system (the way food is produced, distributed, prepared, consumed, and disposed of or recycled), gardens encourage students to think critically about the food they eat and gain life-long skills in making healthy choices.


Miss Fran’s Teaching Garden is the result of a unique collaboration of three organizations: The Cedar Creek Garden Club to create and facilitate an edible garden custom to the needs of teachers and the community, Tool Elementary School (PK-5th) to integrate a garden-based curriculum into their existing classes and the Community Food Pantry in Tool who will receive each season’s harvest and deliver those fresh fruits and vegetables to 350- 400 families a month. 

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