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Clouded Skipper

The Clouded Skipper Lerema accius  #3998 is a dark skipper that was photographed in the Teaching garden 11/1/2022.  It was seeking the warmth of the sun which it found on a broccoli plant leaf.  It was not feeding, just resting.  This little skipper is sometimes common in our area.  There are 3 or 4 very small white dots on the forewing and some frosting on the underside of the hindwings with a darker area from the margin down into the wing.  It nectars on several plants in the garden.  The host or larval plantfood is primarily weedy grasses.  Note in the photo the tiny bent tip of the antennae that is characteristic of the skippers.

Clouded Skipper Lerema accius #3998 (1 of 1)_edited.jpg
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