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Little Yellow Sulphur

Little Yellow Pyrisitia lisa  #4237  is in the group of small sulphurs.  It is bright yellow with black at the apex of the topside wings.  It sits with its wing closed so it is difficult to see the black at the apex on top, but if you can see it back lit, you can see the dark at the apex through the wings.  Another good identifying marking is a round pinkish brown spot at the top of a rounded wing tip.  If you can see a close-up of the base of the hind wing, there could be one or two tiny black dots.  The host or larval plants are in the Legume family including Sennas and Partridge Pea.  In the garden it was nectaring on Gregs Blue Mist Flower.

Little Yellow   Pyrisitia lisa  # 4237 (1 of 1)_edited.jpg
Little Yellow   Pyrisitia lisa  # 4237 (4 of 1)_edited_edited.jpg
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