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Fiery Skipper

Fiery Skipper  Hylephila phyleus,  # 4013.  This little Skipper belongs to a large group of Grass Skippers.  They are called that because their host plants are various grasses, Bermuda in particular.  This large group of Grass Skippers is often difficult to identify and for this site, you can be pleased to recognize a skipper from a butterfly rather than be concerned with the exact species identity.  There are a few that can be identified and this little Fiery Skipper is one of them.  While their host plants are grasses, they visit various flowers for nectar and are numerous in the fall in the teaching garden.   Note the position of the wings in the photo.  The forewings tend to be up and the hind wings tend to be spread outward and forward of the forewings.  This position is often called “jet plane” position.  The group of Skippers have short antennae.  The males are yellow-orange with black markings.  The females are orange-brown above.

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