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There has been a magical evolution of events in our town.  Tool Elementary School Principal, Brandi Sutton, had envisioned a teaching garden for years. The Food Pantry in Tool was desperate for fresher produce.  The Cedar Creek Garden Club refreshed their purpose in the community. These events happened all at the same time.  It was a serendipitous moment for these groups to combine forces  when they did. The magic continues as more organizations and businesses are recognizing the impact a Teaching Garden can have for the health and wellbeing of the community.

Vegetable Patch

The benefits of a school teaching garden are huge.

Traditional classroom activities often involve passive learning as children read aloud and listen to their teachers. Many children raised outside rural settings have never seen seeds sprout or vegetables develop. For some, eating or even seeing fresh produce is rare. 

By their nature, schools gardens encourage teamwork, individual responsibility and commitment to success. Many children lead sedentary lifestyles and have limited understanding of the links between exercise, nutrition and lifelong health. The teaching garden provides all of these advantages and many more.


Volunteers are the backbone of the Food Pantry in Tool, and no one receives compensation.  Volunteers do everything from office work to unloading trucks to food distribution.  You can also work in your neighborhood or organization to raise money or collect food.  If you choose to volunteer, there are no set time parameters.  It does not matter if you are putting in a little time or a lot; your intention to contribute towards a larger cause is all that matters.  Your donation of time will help us achieve our goals.


Meet the Garden leaders–

L-R - Debbie Bozeman-Zook, President of the Cedar Creek Garden Club;  Brandi Sutton, Principal of Tool Elementary;  Fran Sonka, Garden Honoree and Vicki Dumont, Executive Director of the Community Food Pantry in Tool.